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The Library Systems Study Group of Japan is an independent organizational body consisting of librarians and systems engineers from academic libraries, research institutions, and library systems vendors. The group was established in 2001 to review current worldwide standards in order to reach a consensus on which standards to recommend and require for implementation within all library systems nationwide.
The activities of the group involve: holding meetings and seminars; mailing list discussions; and making guidelines related to global standards such as z39.50.

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Quick facts


c/o Head Office of Media Center, Keio University 2-15-45 Mita Minatoku Tokyo 108-8345 JAPAN

Board members:

Shin Irie (Keio University)
Kenji Kamo (Kinokuniya)
Masatsugu Kaneko (Waseda University)
Yasuyuki Sato (Keio University)


Keio University Academic Funds (FY 2002, 2003)

Meetings and seminars:

1st Conference September 21, 2001 Keio University (Tokyo) Z39.50 and related issues
2nd Conference January 25, 2002 Waseda University (Tokyo) Character sets and libraries
3rd Conference June 28, 2002 St Sophia University (Tokyo) Recommendation of Z39.50 library application
4th Conference September 20, 2002 Doshisha University (Kyoto) Outsourcing of library jobs
5th Conference November 26, 2002 Meiji University (Tokyo) Multiple system network using Dublin Core and Z39.50
1st Seminar December 26, 2002 Keio University (Tokyo) Japanese bibliographic records in foreign utilities
2nd Seminar February 25, 2003 Keio University (Tokyo) Bibliographic records exchange between RLG and Keio
3rd Seminar June 17, 2003 Keio University (Tokyo) The Open Archives Initiative Protocols and applications in the US and Japan


Bib-1 configuration guideline for Japanese Z39.50 library application(September 19, 2003)
Configuration Guidelines (proposal)(June 28, 2002)
Z39.50 Target List in Japan